ck films

  Who We Are

With our existing slate of films, CK Films intends to be a dynamic hub creating original and entertaining films for the international audience. The main area of focus for the producers is to make independent films rather than those produced by the major studios. The lead actors involved represent major box office draws and are prepared to be remunerated partially by way of profit share rather than on the basis of substantial up front fees.

There are no requirements to make pre-sales with our films in order to get them green lit, thereby allowing the CK Films to achieve higher yields at a later stage and maintain creative control. We have an incredible strong, award wining production team with significant experience in carrying out productions which have been produced on time and in every case, under budget.

The business model adopted by the producers is to put the money on the screen and then sell high quality, visual entertainment to the international market, producing films that audiences want to see.

Why Us?

CK Films has a diverse slate of high quality, commercial theatrical films that demonstrate our commitment to working with the best established creative talent, as well as discovering the next generation of filmmakers.